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nant nodules were found in the stomach. I§§ observed a secondary node

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leaving or removing them. We were not dealing with the contraindications


Just as certainly has the Loffler bacilhis been found in scarlatinal

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be true if the patient lived long enough, or it may be, as Dr. Bailey

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development of modern surgery in this country and England.

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The motive of the article is to present a strong convic-

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permanent record of its proceedings. It shall, through its Chairman,

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invariably stopped the treatment short of fatigue. In all of

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coast, and the vessels entering there being of an especially

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fornix and handfuls of malignant disease of the ovary were

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is performed with gunpowder, it is said that the marks can be

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mission, and again stayed with us a week or two. His health had

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ing is deep and sighing at times. This deep sighing is

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Bordier, on which you comment. It is quite true that

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this would form soluble soap, w^hich we know is a laking agent.

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167. — Remarks on the expositiciu of l)r. Williams's treat-

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"The emotional congestions may be observed over a still more

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Faraday even with greater force. The leading generalization which

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line of demarcation between it and the bright area devoid of lung

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hesitate to evacuate it by an honest emetic ; nor does

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be attached to the various symptoms of acute obstruction of

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Dr. PiiELPs said that he did not maintain that the cure at the

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in animals and transmissable to man are — (1) favus,

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the warm season is longer, so that greater care needs to be exercised in

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had elapsed since the commencement of treatment. There

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fiebre tifoidea. Pev. de med. y cirug, pract., Madrid, 1894,

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Act of 1946, and liberalizing the amount of the fed-

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passed, the marked and well-known stench of the barracks. Our

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*Diplomates, American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Geoffrey Keynes, the bibliographer and editor of Blake, Pare, Donne, and others.

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This direct treatment is especially required in those cases of

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methods I know not, but I think it but just to the men

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cates operative interference. But if the effusion is so

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to produce that effect of mercury by which it manifests its action, inunc-

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They served, for the time being, as a useful covering and protection to the

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