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persons suffer from an itching of the skin, especially about the nose,

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of the heart. He was ordered to have every two hours four ounces of

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said to have followed an attack of acute infectious disease. We may

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of great interest, on account of the nature of the symptoms which result,

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whereas those who suffer from gout at an early age nearly always

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ticity is lost, the walls become thin and allow extreme dilatation and

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which are the instruments of indigestion, is diminished. The viscera

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the condition is critical and constantly becomes more so. A hernia

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hence extensive burns or scalds are more liable to prove fatal to such

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according to the weight attached. The motion of the apparatus de-

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in the alimentary tract give rise to the formation of new toxic products

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time with tonic doses of quinine, it is of great utility.

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appearance of the inmates of the house. Those habitually subjected

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therefore increased in inverse proportion to the tolerance of carbohy-

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since acetone b formed from these protein fractions, the proteins of the food

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