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theless, sufficiently high to coagulate the albumen which surrounds, and, to a
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nists are alert to the symptoms of posttraumatic stress dis-
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1869. Abhitaoe, Samuel Habbis Tathah, M.D., 3$), GrosTenor-street, W.
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suckers, two being seen through the head. The calca-
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two similar relapses, but has immediately improved when she has
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tigators, is based the assumption that the islands have a
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May 23, 1874, the writer successfully operated in a case of congenital
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In not a few instances I have had patients who were
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As yet the arrangements can be considered as little more
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corresponding to the amount of benzoperoxide formed. The relative amounts
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and motor apparatus of the upper limbs were normal. The
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A vertebra develops from four primary centers : two for the body
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common. On mttcuUaium inspiration is found to be short and feeble, and
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* To these Bromide of Potassiura and Biniodide of Mercury
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and is a popular remedy for colds and coughs. It is an excellent
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itary measures devised by physicians to arrest the spread of cholera, and, filling the
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only one period, miscarried at 2 1-2 months; there was no pain
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tures, and during the half century following, their exist-
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PERICARDIUM which was not diagnosed during life ; {c) TWO
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we gave the patient during a period of five days three injections of 3,000 units
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200 William Arthur M'Cutchan, L.R.C.P. & S. Ed., Burghill,
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tinue to give their Diplomas separately, under separate regu-
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rhage, softening) will nearly always cause conjugate deviation of
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oriental boil or cutaneous leishmaniosis are endemic in British and French colonies
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the cut surface showing a thin atrophied cortex and sclerotic arteries. In
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of the Milwaukee County Hospital; Mark W. Garry and Miles B.
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to the coincidence of tuberous sclerosis and central
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table. It is not our purpose in the present paper to
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been removed, it is an indication that a second worm is
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levers, as being expensive, dangerous, and absolutely unneces-
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and ordered executed constitutes an order: the operations plan,
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tables, seems especially suitable. This method of dietetic treatment
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indications and complications. Hemorrhage and infec-
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