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caemic tuberculosis" and Landouzy's " typho-bacillosis " are at the
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Vermes, 44.— Herrnhei-scr (J.) Ueber (Jlysticerken im
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and passing over this a soft catheter, about six inches kmg.
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iu alcune atTezicmi oeulari. Arcb. di ottal., Palermo, 1898-
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dispensary is held three rimes a week on the premises of a chemist, C l .
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means of transmission are numerous in infected surroundings. Cases are
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found in diabetes mellitus no pathological changes to which the increase of
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nation, a great resemblance to malignant inlermittents. Those in which the fever most
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or any other affection ; and in all cases in which, whether from emphysema
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I spread over them. In protracted cases, the gullet, stomach, and rates-
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a change which has been induced in the finest nerve fibres —
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some quarters disputed and their resultant teachings disre-
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who at first thought it a foolish old man's game, he became quite
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nHsumc the mi'diaii or atliliiclt-il positioti. 'I'his position
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after eating, emaciation occurs, strength fails, and prostration develops.
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that in the two instances, in which it has during these eight
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tissue, there is often a border of osteoid tissue along the bone. From the
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valuable observations of Mr. Lister himself only confirm what
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Waters. — A consideration of the physiological and therapeutical
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of the Hospital for Ulustrating tlieir special courses of lectures,
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N^vialgiede Morton. Bull med., Par., 1896, x, 1216-12W.—
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membrane of supposed diphtheria, that such cases invari-
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second edition, the papers are arranged with still more attention to
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with cold or other astringent applications. As soon as
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with heat in other parts; great heat with slight shivering; or violent
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rum, aurigarum, puerorum et mulierum numerum, atque
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to for the cure of this malady by others. I will confine myself
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abnormally vascular so that to the naked eye, num^erous vessels are obvious,
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suddenly attacked by robbers ; he made a desperate resistance, and escaped
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opinions from all. The railroads put their best trains at the
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vein (v) on its inner side; the anterior crural nerve (n), covered by
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poison may be an alkaloid (like morphia), and not liable to putrefaction.