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stools between 4 and 6 a. m. This lasted but a few days and then for a week or

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comastia has been reported in patients treated for one month or longer.

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occurs. The pulse then slows, and a type of irregularity is often

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taken as a fairly representative mortality in yellow

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or resulting in squint when the degrees of spasm in the muscles of

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Theobald Smith, Ross, Grassi, Bignami, and others, has introduced a new

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-i\. ■:„.■ :> this the case where, in a sub-

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which he took emphatic ground in favor of the view that

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with their wrists drooping like those of a kangaroo

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separated down to the aponeurosis of the external oblique, which is

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Wilcox, T. E,, Assistant-Surgeon. — Assigned to duty at

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matter. The walls of the cavities were irregular, coated with a

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As there are no stable single salts of these alkaloids, ex-

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considerably in both respects, yet not sufficiently, per-

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twenty-two hours after death. The head and spinal canal were only opened.

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this is also the most irritating to the renal tissues, hence

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bis usual avocation, which be was disabled from pursuing in consequence

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lowing treatment, which seems to give good results. One lotion is

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Editors’ Note: Dr. Steingaszner is correct. Va Med did

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home. Some children leave home to contribute to the

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but near muscular masses. Nodosites and a subcutaneous swelling accom-

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where it grows very extensively on both coasts, and far into

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ative, Visiting Nurse Association of Metropolitan At-

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indication for craniectomy in such a case, and we might hope for relief

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one eye can be produced by a cortical lesion, and the

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marked when the hand was prone in the telegraphist's position. The median

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rament than on absolute extent of the cavity ; and this we state,

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paper on a similar subject. In 1B77 Governor Hubbard

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trichiniasis) may at times resemble trichiniasis. Epidemics of the parasitic

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amount of blood required in any given part is constantly

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solved in fluid, and is thus deposited in or throughout its substance,

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Mackenzie, Stephen, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician and Lecturer on Medicine to the

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tissue to stretch, and the desired relief is obtained.

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Dr. R. H. Sayke agreed with Dr. Shaffer as to the impor-

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practiced medicine or surgery without a license. In 1812 the fine was

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the advances which caused Prof. O. von Rosthom in his recent article to say

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having the protective overlapped well on all sides by the gauze. The protective,

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such strict enforcement of local precautions that the

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in death, even in the hands of the most jiroininent

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