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are scarcely worthy of the prefix medical, inasmuch
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of the thorax and lengthen the longitudinal diameter of the
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lymphocytes (total number per c. mm.) is shown in Text-fig. 3, where each line
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ers, had woiked upon the Baconian method, it was he
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Wednesday. Royal College of Physicians, 5 p.m. Dr. Sieveking.
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Dr. Slemons said that he did not rely on blood pres-
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atrophy of tlie cerebelkini, in others defective development of the tnict- i:
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1863.] Flint, Conservative Medicine as Applied to Hygiene. 371
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by the anterior incision. The arm is then fixed in a
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fifty-two years of age associated with mitral stenosis, thrombosis of the left
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sinuses laterally, the olivary eminence anteriorly, and the dorsum selias
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N.B.— Some gentlemen promi-ing aid have omitted to state tnc amount.
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Ehrlich' s benzaldehyde (urobilinogen) reaction, in my experience, is
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along very unexpectedly at times, and very satisfac-
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ous ones, however, become extremely yellow, deepening into a bronze.
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first mentioned, were transplanted as they were. These all
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together with the considerable intensity of the pyrexia, Avarrants the
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forty years old, is worth twenty francs a bottle in Cognac ; by the time
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if it was deserving credit, and concluded, " that the cases are
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swered that I hereby served notice on him that Michigan, Illinois and
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their illusion, saying, to their surprise, that she could not live
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can I assent to the propriety of indiscriminately using tonics
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peritonitis ; while there is a new fonnation of young connective tissue,
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double that of the standard down to practically zero.
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tetany is generally associated with rickets, diarrhoea, and intestinal
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the misstatements of hysterical females. For my own part I
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animal had been plunged in charcoal powder after having