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enlargement and the roots of the brachial plexus are or are not totally
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solution of water of 1 per cent, strength; or a solution of
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true sac exists between the artery and vein, whose walls become so
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Rouen, showed me a very striking series of successful amputations by
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parasites the nodules will not form, aud they can be
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might afford a prospect of averting, but which else must be
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een months' personal experience with the oil of gaultheria
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ment. According as the lesion suddenly or gradually
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helpful. I tried a salt-free diet with one patient without any success.
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livcH, And have done away with the indcHcribahle af^onieH
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his discharge will afford a soldier sufficient opportunity to
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this vessel, I am not inclined to suppose that this phenomenon
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was noted. These spasms are reflex in origin. Convulsive seizures can
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blubbery tissue, usually lie towards the back of the tumour,
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cavities should be constantly cleansed by suitable antiseptic sprays, e.g. sodse
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Trifacial Neuralgia. Cervlco-Occlpltal Neuralgia. Cervico-Bracblal NenralgU. Liiiiibo>Aba»-
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having passed the requisite examinations between 3rd and
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Johnson's backers, that Dr. Dill must of them,) but which, wc candidly con-
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influence of the disease. On the 7th of June she was attacked with
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The patient gradually improved, and on Jan. 8, 1880, was allowed to leave
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epidemiologic peculiarity of the pestilence produces an enormous
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nt^zi-^ hai-per-ctn-'i-sis). [Gr. virep over -f- n'^vnoic
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men of to-day may well pay some attention to, and contemplate with
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the most frequent locations for this form of ulceration ;
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possible the food should be varied and the patient's taste so far as possible
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operating for fistula in ano. Dr. Albert H. Smith brought
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of the best type of the younger Vienna men, with whom per-
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winter ; that then a fresh attack is contracted, from which again recovery
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its kindred affections, scrofulosis and tuberculosis — so close, indeed,
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original lesion is now represented by a scar with keloid thickening.