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would descend upon the membrane — the dura mater, — and having no outlet, would

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as compared with all the births and with other congenital

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to falls and bloAvs on the head, and to mental excitement. BauAvinkel

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Iverages, would enable a medical jurist to determine, in an unknown ca*f

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died in the same time as these, but exhibited no abdominal symptoms, the

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of the throat, no cutaneous eruption taking place. In these cases the disease

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and the deformity had been noticed since she was a child ; the

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'traversed in the prostatic portion before the urine flows. The

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Dermatitis following the Use of a Toilet Preparation

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he recommends a lithotrite with a very small stem, easily

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his body was found, deceased had retired to his bedroom with his wife and

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tion of this subject with the true spirit of philosophical in^

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in which they are to be taken is otherwise unimportant, we arrange them,

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corpuscles were considerably above the normal, and the white had

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the wound should be left open for some hours, so that all

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cut surface an abundant milky juice, blend intimately with

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employ the whole residue of his estate to found a travelling

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the infusion is equivalent to three and three-fourths

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itself. 2. A knowledge of the normal location, physical

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tooth is completed in development the resulting odontome is devoid of any

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Van Fleet, Frank, 158 E. 81st St., Xew York, Xew York Co.

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can be discovered in this way that cannot be detected by

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bosis. But they can be associated with acquired hypopro-

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ence, etc., and by the cordial co-o|ienition of the alnnini

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of bacteria in the liquids and tissues of the body during the

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abettors, knowing of, and privy to such offence, are declared felons,

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The cases I have given you to-night bring before us

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These figures, it will be seen further on, agree very well with

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For the purpose of making the Association more 'useful to its

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grain and 617 pounds of beets — a difference of 05 pounds of grain, or

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Among my cases, I find not only many of the fattest

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tic. The dose of the powdered leaves (seldom given) is

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where, gives rise to the peculiar milky-looking network so distinctive