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blood in fevers. Their work, which was carried out on animals under

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maintained by artificial heat, originates the greater

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and it is not only in hospitals in the ordinary sense of the term,

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of 1 millivolt placed in series with the galvanometer and the patient

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the patient did not complain of numbness or pain. Taste was

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Six tests are made according to the following scheme:

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which may be obtained by the use of Canquoin's paste in the treatment of

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sede the use of th^nnol. Opinion as to the usefulness of these two I

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would not consider an operation. Dr. Abell saw the case, and I

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of vast adhesions, provided these are not too old and can be made

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were admitted to it during five weeks in the summer of 1893 sponged,

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In the meanwhile a prolonged discussion took place, some

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London University in opposition, unless the IMedical

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catarrhal angina. We might say that more than half the physicians

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evacuation of the; abscess. In eon<-lusion, it should

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fever, muscular pain, loss of appetite and prostration.

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been begun on the first or second day, they have done

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publishes Esmarch's formula for an escharotic powder as follows :

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While it cannot be denied that ascending renal infection

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These facts are quite suflScient to establish the principle, that