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The Merrell exhibit will feature NITRANITOL, for medical

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The last five chapters of Dr. Flint's work treat of the movements of

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Once the decision to reirradiate was made, a second full

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woman since he married. Some time ago, in getting out of a buggy.

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would appear, but no blood ; vomiting would occur at

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1 will make a further report. I take it to be a fibroma. Fibromas of

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attributed by Dr. Turner to the low condition to which the patient

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lasted a little over an hour. The antiseptic dressing was

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due to the presence of enormous quantities of fat which may be dependent

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out any uncomfortable motion, and abundantly supplied

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that in the future greater attention will be directed to the condition of these

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than that of an orange, and the general health now rapidly im-

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ment of the pituitary gland in these two cases was not

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On the twenty-first day she sat up for a short time. The

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as in other infectious diseases there can be no reasonable

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that certain people, children and adults, show a greater or less immu-

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tions), that report be sent to the various licensing bodies, with

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the general opinion deems it almofl entirely inert. Great,

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The Profession, I may here observe in p.issing, will do well to

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line and two from the lateral angles of the clypeus. There may also

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is of very great importance in aviation. We know that fainting in

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Immunophenotype, and Evidence of Endothelial Activation, K. Kottke-

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Among the latest symptoms may be mentioned the gummy tumor.

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section death of the mother occurred. It will be generally