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the time of the operation ; or whether a second band was
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sion is not warranted, for a precisely similar disappearance of the murmur
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the pancreas, liver, and spleen, may take place in some cases.
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estivoautumnal that of the tertian or the quartan. In a case which
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large quantities, and which, moreover, do not readily
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Manu Samhita (Chap. V, IGSth .s7o/n). — " The wife
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they found them, that is not, however, a reflection upon the pos-
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inflammation of bone. — Meningitis. — Death. Autopsy.
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text as an illiterate and audacious pretender, who travelled
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Reliable statistics, free from flaws, are exceedingly diffi-
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ture of, 132 ; character of beat of, 287 ; investigation
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it were possible, moreover, for either of these diseases
Dr. FoY rose and said : I was present on ', ing almost incessantly, and speaking with
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be shown by the ROntgen-ray picture. Unless it were properly
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branes to administer a full dose of ergot, and to apply a binder on the same
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admitted that there are cases full of insurmountable difficul-
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feller Institute for Medical Research, No. 7, New York, 1917.
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d. X. ioternat. nied. Cong. 1890, Berl., 1891, iv. 10. Alitli.,
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its neat external appearance. Thirty-five papers, upon various
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In studying the distribution of leprosy in North America, after its
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this with a linen cloth, and hang it up in the shade,
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Thus life was prolonged in consider.-ible comfort for fourteen
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peared in three or four days. Attacks of stomatitis oc-
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size is very small, as indicated by certain of the names in common use ;
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of pyrexia during convalescence from typhoid fever has been
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■distress, the fluid must be removed by tapping. This operation is usually
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marvelously complicated array of phenomena presented by
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ralysis agitans are, (1) a remarkable predominance of
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lumps; this is the ochraceous pigment the distribution of which has
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The following argument, though not very perspicuously
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more rapid, and she was tapped in March, 1S66, 20 pints of
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careless and the powder be not thoroughly mixed, the
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As the development proceeds, even the bodies which were origi-
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Traumatic lesions were now produced upon the joints of the infected