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disturbance of sensibility or motility. General reflexes

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sometimes wanting. The disease has been called cholera sicca when death

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be fought, and it is to be feared not always a very success-

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The points of interest in this case appear to me to be the following: 1st.

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streaked. Their color is dark. _. er hand, the stools may be colorless

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removal of crusts or for counter irritant effect, hastens or

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deficit in the appreciation of scratching, pricking

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influence of chloroform on the 14th inst., | the man is after so long an interval still in

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common and important symptoms in meningitis. Biot's purpose,

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the local appearance and the phenomena, it was inferred that the right sym-

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nervous irritation, as it is called, and stimulants

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ening with fright, excessive sweating, frequent micturition, oc-

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nounced a complaint against the AMA’s ban on patient

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duced into the blood and those agents that increase the toxicity

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Marseilles, a band of robb. a plundered the dying and the dead,

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irregular stool, alternately normal and diarrhoea ; headache, disturbed

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nati and St. Louis were added, which, with Chicago,

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The bacilli disappeared in one case the day after the

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diseases, at Giinz, attended by Dr. Bless, since 1833;

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Falconer, A. W. '• The Pulmonary Manifestations in Malaria," Joum. of Roy. Army Med.

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stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure, and drug tox-

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1864, vol. 1, p. 451.) The evidence for the defence, and chiefly that given

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painful, but, in other cases, unattended with pain. Incomplete paralysis of

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together 32 parts each of copper sulphate, potassium nitrate,

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gathered through general reading and the question of statistics reported by

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the per cent of recurrences can be reduced. The results obtained

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ing the spine would produce gaps between the vertebrae, leading to the

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glands. I punctured it deeply in three places with the galvano-cautery.

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to be distended, and I then made a crucial incision, snip

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Whereas, Our honored friends, Drs. N. S. Davis and W.

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Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the Eastern Ortho-

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or less number, some of which are usually present at the end of the first

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Fischer, it is generally secondary to the form described.

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