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Kier R, McCarthy S, Scoutt LM, Viscarello RR, Schwartz PE:

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cases in which he had operated on the gall bladder,

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The uterus would contract every two or three minutes, and she would appear

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is in general among the early and well-marked symptoms, arsenic appears in

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vigorous w^ell-being. This vital force may well be of the same character

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phores had not spread out as they did when the circulation was stopped before

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immediately thereafter commenced treating him at my clinic in

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Before 1905, preparations of inorganic arsenic, especially liquor

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spadie. Diasin. Lex. f. prakt. Aer zte, Wirn n Leipz., 1893,

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natives who have presumably inherited and acquired a certain amount of

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of the finger-nail discharged itself from the front por-

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turbed, the thyroid is excreting, instead of the hormone, certain sub-

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hours : IJ Sodii salicylat., 3 ii; ol. gaultheriae,

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a patient to send to a specialist, let him avoid the man

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little artery is cut, which bleeds a little. If the axillary glands are

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In all cases more or less attention should be given to

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four months after the invasion of Diphtheria. I had been depressed,

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is a casual remark and is not .scientific, n^* nine

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! 32 years of age, well developed, with every appearance of virility about him,

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earlier part of the present century, had all advocated the

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pointed out the fact that much too minute work is ex-

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atica, which had not before been present. Kopfstein hence considers the

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to be frequent sufferers i'rom malignant pustule in the

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antiphlogistic treatment, formerly supposed capable of cutting short in-

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have been strengthened by more or less recent legisla-

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See, a!«o, Keichert (C.) Das HaBiuometer [etc.]. 10°.

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prior to 1776. Hence, our medical history is practi-

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nausea, had started two weeks earlier while she was

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conditions favoring goitre are overcome. Iodine, strych-