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system, coma and convulsions of an epileptiform character constituting the
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Intra-peritoneal transfusion is a method of using the salt solution
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Unna describes it, a relatively superficial follicular horny cyst. They give
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two buds in Nodes 1 and 3, etc. The lower leaves in a stem fall ofif
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and, like poikilocytosis, is found in all severe cases of anemia. Occurring under
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the glosso-pharyngeal and the lingual, while the superior
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cells, and the dense area thus formed receives the name of area
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Wassermann for my own benefit as well as my patient's in all these
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siological action and therapeutic results obtained from the
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and relatives as possible and to segregate the others
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come away. Various attempts at dilatation and removal vvith
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centre of a plain bounded miles away by mountains, and almost
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Censors — Robert C. White, M.D., Willimantic, Edward F. Perry, M.D.,
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the ordinary paroxysm, but the nervous symptoms such as restlessness
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pure cultures of the bacillus, and injections of the same, as well as of
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the use of nerve tonics of which strychnin is the most service-
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inch and a quarter in length, and three-quarters of an inch in
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Spasm of the arterial capillaries, with complete anaemia of the part and
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dose. This is usually the last dose of morphin that is
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and bacteriolytic powers are below normal, and so the immunity is
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ried on to the end of October, when all the animals eating loco were
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6-11 months 498 294 (59.0) 92 (18.5) 15 (3.0) 2 (0.4)
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tion to West Point, which project, however, was abandoned after a short
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the expectation such a combination aroused. At the same time
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aminations will be held on May 5, 1917, for the fol-
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rather rapid development. It appears usually within twelve to eighteen