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mucous membrane from the wails of the stomach of dogs at differ-
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in the superior surface and apex of this lobe." Rest of
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may be subject to medico-legal inquiry, this journal of Dr. Hammond is of special value
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from the introduction of air. Before respiration, the lungs are in general
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rate, with the candidate standing, is immediately counted and as
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Antonius. Lucius was attacked with a pleurisy, and every one
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endeavor was made not to give a dose until the effects of the previous
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continue : pulse, 100. I made a careful examination of the abdomen, which
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XIII. — James Leitzinger, Co. A, 55th Penn., was wounded by a
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to be conferred; with a medium inoculation, the anthrax bacilli
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would justify any study of the conditions in the field with the view of detecting
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to watch for any possible complication with bone-aHection and
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understood. This is one specimen to illustrate what we nieau
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We observe that in the Materia Medica list, the indefinite term Cinchona has
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discomfort after eating, no vomiting, no hnematemesis, no
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in similarly modifying or warding off such lesions in chorea. Quite
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i'organisation des 6tablissements theimaux de palsiatrie
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yet not infrequently called gout, chiefly because the patients were workers
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turbance. The prognosis is uncertain. Most cases are charac-
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in the smaller branches of the pulmonary artery. The stasis in the
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•Ibh^-I^ tondli akafl^ to perceive the most trifling differences of weight
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during life. Dr Forchheimer deserves our thanks for having
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disease, but in many instances the proprietors had shown themselves will-
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of animal food, es|)ecially of beef and b<)ef-|)ulp. The best meat
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is seldom justified in burning an article against the wish of its owner,
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to involuntary seminal emissions, a discharge occurring at every stool,
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p. 262) we find him saying " Sometimes the pancreas has given
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in which there is good resistance ; the extent of the leukocytosis and the pol}'-
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swollen and sensitive; the knee well flexed, and to
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and painful; whole abdomen occasionally distended and tympanitic; she gra-
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six, with very exaggerared talipes varo-equinus. After
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ev'AOrjvaL'i Kai T^s atTtoAoyiag aVT^?. raAiji-b? '.\fl^^at, 1894,
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periods when applied to the predominant elevations on the graphs, shows
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gressive and regressive changes are seen in the cells.
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tion to morbidly sensitive complexes through a better
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the intermediate examination as expressed in our Announcement, and have come to the con-
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clinically, as well as experimentally, upon animals, that lesions of the
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Chamberlain and Vedder^^ on Americans living in the Philippines.
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omit, and present in the following extract merely the conclusion of the
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ment had failed. I hail operated upon and treated the
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up nicely in front, the cicatrix will be altogether out of the
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geometrically where the centre of rotation — that is, the socket —
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the city, and to the neighbouring country. It was called malignant