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fully examined. In some cases, however, careful examinations of the

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relation to other organs, outlines the routine investi-

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months (March till June). Every time she swallowed she had sharp

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was of a l>oisterous, mirthful character, the patient singing snatches of

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from the lungs, bleeding was several times arrested

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publicly known, and admitting of the most circumstantial proof.

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Established by the Council in 1972, the Civic Leadership

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and other general conditions. (North American Prac-

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One pint of water converted into steam, fills a space of nearly 200

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the maxilla is fractured and depressed it may be necessary to perforate the

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to Dr Price, and as regards his main contentions he certainly had

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temperate climates. Mr. White states that out of 189*7 women

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study medicine in China, that the existing schools are small, poorly

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toxic to Gastric Epithelium In Vitro. D. T. Smoot, J. F.

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hardly ever takes place after birth, but intra-uterine right-sided en-

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to the editor that the picture-book might have transmitted the disease,

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by Chittenden, he should therefore exhibit those " many

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of the same hue." He died about 9 o'clock a. m., of same day.

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-M-;.— s. < III- !«tter; mind clearer. Extractor ergot, thirty-live minims. Bowels moved ;

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must be carefully studied, and depending upon his judg-

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and pulped mangels at the rate of 50 pounds of mangels to 22 pounds

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Even apart from these last criticisms, we have clear

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has left us in the dark as to the direct causative factor in nearlj^ all

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the stomach or intestinal tract. Chilling is an important etiologic-al

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chlorate of potassa was given in sufficient doses and for a sufficient period

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stone which he removed from the urethra on the first

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cases of pernicious anemia (ten to fifteen minutes), various cases of

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ing the culture upon bleeding surfaces on the skin and

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U) to act as a respiratory organ for the fetus; (3)

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Graily Hewitt, Mr. Benson Baker, and Dr. Barnes. Dr.

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Tenderness on pressure is not, as a rule, noticeable. Loss of sensation over

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disease as that obtained by true inheritance, and that it does

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ing and Administering Officinal and other Medicines. The whole adapted to Physiciar s and

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cial value in differentiating nervous dyspepsia from

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only of exhaling water, but also of emitting carbone ;"^ and

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Roddick successfully performed the operation of urethrotomy

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