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form either, that the transfer of particles of gangrenous mucous mem-

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five lesions of two years' duration on his face, resembling ring-worm.

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therefore the care of the individual is a matter of common concern. If

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on account of the impaired function of the diseased liver-cells. It is

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of dichotomous division of the filaments, but that this appearance was simulated

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action, but only during inspiration. He was too ill to be

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pulmonary pleura by the beating of the heart. This extm-pericsrdial

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rious life, the cessation of the bleeding may prove serious. But, as in

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ally subjected. The circumstance recently urged by Bohn and Gerhardt

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consumption, which is a somewhat rare occurrence. The discovery of

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The average cost per bullock used for virulent blood is 50 pesos, Phil-

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A growth was obtained from type C in the same way, although most

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Etiology. — Physiology sufficiently explains the causes of most

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usually changes : it takes on a more chronio course. The pain moder-

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Morphologically a variety of forms exist varying from small, oval, coccus and

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dilutions varying from one-twenty-fifth to one-four hundredth.

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his blood and tissues. The fat disappears, the muscles become flabby

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sary knowledge and habit should be thought accessible in less

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numbers of spirochaetae; more were found to be present than in the examination