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of chorea (not the St. Weit's dance proper) which have come under m v notice.

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functions of particular organs (local), and on the system generally. Either of

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Children sometimes introduce beans, pebbles, pills,

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tor by the rupture of blood-vessels during the act of separation." The g^eat

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and the decomposition of the animalculi with which it abounds, creates an

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to that side. At the end of March, it is reported that her appear-

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those of the shoulder and hip, where the deep position of the

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those wise, salutary, and time-honoured laws, created by the wisdom of our

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disease rather increased than diminished, and he was able to regain

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1. A child aged sixteen months took about two teaspoonfuls, and hence about

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toms appeared ten days after the operation, and after the unsuccessful employ-

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Among the many scores of local medicaments prescribed

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obtain from the adjutant-general's office the mean strength for corresponding

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Typaldos, Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University

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Lack of general exercise and lack of special exercise

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tilator, but gives unequable heat and wastes fuel. As

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was strongly hepatized at its base. The 63d obs., p. 397, Amer. edit, of

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swelling and tension of the inflamed parts. Six or seven deep and free in-

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has pursued his investigations systematically, and notices, amongst other points,

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and 58 females. Of the 65 parents, 28 were of the first grade of intemperance,

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an operation upon the deformed bone may be necessary.

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plied with blood. The bladder contained only a few drops of a perfectly

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and in very close relation with one another, and that the appa-

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terioles, the capillaries, the venules, into the veins, back

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the jelly produced, the product was boiled with nitro-muriatic acid and

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deaths ; the mortality being 32 per cent, at Erlangen, 69 at Hel-

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the writings of those who take a clearer view of the value of

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Hutchinson and Mr. Waken Tay. — During the year eighty-

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