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should have remained so little altered in structure.
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'Marchlewski. Blood Pigments, Zeit. f. phys. Chcm., 1909, Ixi, 276.
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that about 5 per cent, showed signs of tuberculosis as compared with the
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when Graves's disease was associated with diabetes; (4) when there was
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Del Peado, E. Arsenic in treatment of relapsing fever. Crdnica med., 1920,
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urinary organs and the operations of renal and genito-urinary surgery are
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even if the fluid has been evacuated by puncture or absorbed spontaneously.
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second lumbar vertebra in a woman aged 42, successfully treated by five
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latent syphilitic as a carrier, by Eberson and Engman, deals with the in-
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Reed. Rev. med. de Chile, Sant. de Chile, 1904, xxxii, 199; ibid., 1905, xxxiii, 65.
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cases developed signs of fluid, but the fluid was sterile and disap-
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is followed by organization of the clot, or (2) that the lesion is primarily
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immunizing response of the individual having been determined by Pirquet's
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cases of recovery did in almost every symptom resemble those
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oi the state of the Blood in Disease, and an account of the saturated solution of
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already been mentioned. The superiority of the colloidal gold
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fermenter the red colour will be apparent round the stab in the butt only.
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the trachea was tied before the lungs were removed from the body. On
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The internal parts of generation were every where covered
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indication to antityphoid inoculation, as is shown by the numerous cases in
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October 24. Seen again on November 13, 1920, he was then apparently in
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formerly been much afflicted with that difficulty, and had been
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in the latter condition our first object is to determine what type of
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give any estimations indicating the decrease of urobilin and in-
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of the exclusively enterogenous origin of urobilin does not suffice
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mind under the most aggravated distress, she would,, of a sud-
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believes that inoculation of a small number of strains into fluid media con-
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giving the patients water with and without the addition of salt, and with
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result in the ascription of a new diagnostic name to each recurrence
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* Soci6te Medicale des Hopitaux de Paris, xxviii, 570.
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long as the patient would respond to the test for anaphylaxis, a period
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after two months, kept under observation, and was readmitted in May 1910,
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to be only thickening of the tissues. Cultures from all the suspected
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that actually occurred in our series. These reactions are fairly
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described by Roth (Virchovfs Arch. f. path. Anat. 1881, 86, 371).
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may prevent this unpleasant subcutaneous complication, which in
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thrombosis of pelvic veins and in only 15 per cent, to the femoral veins.
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time being well within physiological limits, may entirely change the
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The Noguchi butyric acid reaction was used on many of the fluids
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in his previous investigations, he defines the determining factors of the
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