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if when there is irritation, pain, or symptoms of considerable nervous

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To Baume, Bergmann, and to Scheele, we are indebted for the com-

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wards suppurates, and a round pustule is formed, the superficial layer of

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so long as to prevent the use of the jaws, and death from starvation ensues.

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given in the intervals of the public lectures, every weelt day.

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thirty hours, found the mortality to be 72*9 per cent ; whereas in seventy-

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cranial dura mater will lead to fatal intracranial pressure, and a dermoid

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Lectarts on Phrenology, — Mr. Burke, an English gentleman, is lec-

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within the external auditory meatus, where it may give rise to much

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" MM. Marshall Hall, Heming, and Ireland, in England, have per-

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and the absence of which rendered the case peculiarly interesting. Had

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of the spinal dura mater has produced death from paraplegia. A dermoid

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essential cause — of tabes, but the undoubted satyriasis which occurs in

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do so, with expectoration of pus and parts of the laryngeal cartilages.

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have been held to be extremely complicated in their structure — are

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thrice a day. But a short time was necessary to demonstrate its effi-

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tends to lessen or destroy the toxicity of the bacterial products ; and

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produce the condition known as macroglossia, or it may affect the lips and

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Whatever the diluent used, the virus is much weakened, and in many

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the adjacent tissue, in the direction from the centre to the circumference.

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thus, the movement being most suitable for very delicate patients with severe

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honeysuckle, &c. I hope some of your readers, who have more leisure

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may be complained of. Chilliness has already been mentioned. Headaches

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The number of cysts discharged in this case was nearly or quite 200,

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is the essential and distinguishing feature. The diiference in the disposition

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facts, but never upon another theory. An extensive knowledge of facts

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tion at any time would bring on severe pain and distress about cicatrix.

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ber of this Journal. The second case, when seen for the first time,