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sidered by his fellow practitioners, who know him best,
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pathologic examination will give a clear idea of the
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24 Obstructions and Tabulated Report of the Result of One
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Demonstration of Specimens, Slides and Photomicrographs of
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tion with nervous diseases, especially functional ones on the
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this was, like Case 9, obliterated by firm fibrous adhesions,
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of not presenting to the students the difference in
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effect on the death-rate. Neither is melancholia in the male
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no specific action of thyroid on any special organs in the body
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Chairman Committee on National Legislation, American Medical
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entire intestines and the bladder are paralyzed. The
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concludes that in certain mild cases of diabetes or in persistent
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a few weeks of irritation about the vulva, some burning
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The place wherein the bath is taken constitutes a very
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42 The Value of the Wldal Reaction In Infancy and Childhood
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termined by the intelligence, the efficiency and the in-
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an alleged special contract, according to which she was
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from cerebral embolism at the end of the second week.
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symptoms and thus becomes first known to the patient or
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may be extensive atheroma without cardiac hypertrophy. He
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68 A Case of Gangrene of the Appendix Simulating Infection
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will be found in a series of works undertaken in the laboratory
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before amputation. Soft parts innltered high up, necessitating division