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8:00 p. m 108 17 99.5° the umbilicus to the pubes. The broad liga-

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dus, and the child quickly turned out, the placenta

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M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and CHnical Midwifery', Cornell University

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Certain forms of the disease deserve a little fuller consideration. One

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year. The subscriptions shall date from the 1st of January in each

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In none of the cases was there any apparent cause for the polycythaemia

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and colloquial, and we fancy that the majority of undergradu-

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nions penutirins as bad compounds ; others, as inflammation of

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ed of full grown foetus of the male sex, which weighed 7 1-2 pounds,

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5. Pantagruel. Bk. II, Chap. I, p. 211, W. F. Smith's

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effusion does not often pass beyond the thinly albuminous.

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occurred more frequently in both tuberculosis and malaria than they did

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It would appear, then, that Mr. Erichsen's experience, and

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region of the kidney (Fig. 5), but when few in number the bodies

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cations of these baths are to be found at different places

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removed, when it soon died, but if placed in a similar vessel

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60 cases in which there were cardiac lesions involving obstruction of the

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everyAvhere ; the child took now his food Avith eager anxiety, and

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would soon experience that cordiality for which Rhode Island

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Internal Medication. Cimicifuga, ignatia, lachesis.

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in peace for weeks and months. At other times the pains are lancinating,

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of toxic material, but m Schiller's opinion this is outweighed by their

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from incised mamma ; c, signal of injection ; d, time in ten-second intervals.

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Cathartics, emmenagogues, etc., did no good. Not having seen or heard any-

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be. In the animal body, there is a series of such chanires

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of North Carolina were enabled to conduct the memorable Anti-Typhoid

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A relation between the presence of a tumor and the site of the pain

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Ali.ex. — On July 6, at George-street, Hastings, the wife of Dr. Allen, of

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and immediately beneath the orbital ridge the floor of the orbit

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perform the operation of nephrorrhaphy and on his own part left such

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we must seek in the infection process and the ptomaine intox-

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the close of the act and comparable to the rubbing of the palm of

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