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ise to deliver her. When I saw her she had labor pains, and she stated
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The infiltration of the wall may be more prominent on the mucosal
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twenty feet necessitates a corresponding turning in. This
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the peritoneum, and the pus was evacuated in the loin, and an enterolith
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cessary duration of such periods the more frequently
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belief, the injections cannot " protect the tissues
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Eupatorium Perfoliatum ; (boneset,) stalk and leaf; eme-
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tion; (c) as to complications and remote mechanical effects of adhesions.
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-The diplococcus of posterior-basic ineTiingitis. From a photograpli.
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middle ear or mastoid antrum; of the cerebellum the mastoid cells
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* Wagner has come to the conclusion that not only the form ap-
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following hysterectomy, are we justified in concluding
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size of the individual cells, and hyperplasia, a true new
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symptom appertaining to those diseases, which is not at times
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be dense and extensive, necessitatmg painful stretching
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administered to the right or left ventricle to enhance
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schizogony, and leucocytes with pigment masses. The epithelial cells are
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extensive gangrenous process in the throat, and who died
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artichoke, potato, lentil, or onion. Fish occasionally, or egg in
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of irritation, kept up tlie inflammation, and made the
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that he advisedly excluded " examination" in his amended
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der my control, so far as its sanitary condition was con-
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Record a note in regard to the possibility of the spoh-
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case of a little girl, eighteen months of age, who had swallowed half an
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quirement that every death in the community shall be
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en in table 3. Two hundred and three or 66$ of the 309 cases of
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The autopsy was made on the day after death, in the
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examined, but no change in the density of the blood
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which, in the larger tubes, do not interrupt the free passage of air during the
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disorganization in the affected parts), there is to my mind no great difliculty in
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sion, explanation, and illustration, that subject is vaccination. The anti-
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These men were apparently strong, healthy individuals, some