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peated in a " low, gurgling monotone " ; and in Egypt
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the twelfth of the series, originates in the medulla oblongata, and
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make an opening in the calvarium over the affected spot and remove
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hypersemia, and local hemorrhages. In the chronic cases fatty degenera-
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|uent1y seta in with a rigor. On exitniuiation the lliroat
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as those of dancing, can be executed only by the joint action of
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should be the possibility of enforcing them. If it is unconstitutional
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caused abnormal growth of granulation tissue. If a diseased tooth existed
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the Physicians and Surgeons to the Hospital, and Special Lectures on Clinical
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the habit of not relying upon an epileptic's statement that he is
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invariably inculcating, especially in your now classic works on Climate
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cystment and spore-formation, or sexually by conjugation.
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as it may seem. I>eautiful young l)arones8cs arc, appar-
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cystoscopic examination showed in more than half of these cases a
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pressures. The nitrites are also of value in some cases. Emetin has been used
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beyond this period, the operator interferes, brings
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plethoric, who was suffering from puerperal convul-
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little artery is cut, which bleeds a little. If the axillary glands are
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If the aphonia be purely neurotic, in other Words, involving no lesion of
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ported, with few exceptions, were examined by one of the
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screwed on ; this makes them lighter and more easily adjusted.
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George Thyne commenced practice in Leith about thirty years ago,
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apparent; and in consequence of the continual itching and
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times of both are occasioned by frequently repeated muscular ef-
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it exists before any local manifestations of the aftection are apparent.
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the blood.] Fiziol. sl)ornik (Danilevski), Kharkov, 1891,
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that in Egypt, India, and China bleeding was a recog-
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may have been latent, is negatived by the fact that at autopsy the organs
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the University of Dublin, and the first medical baronet ever
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Question XI. is answered "no " by sixteen ; "have made no
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entire spine above and below, and thus to limit the
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which being turned causes the two rods to diverge very slowly and very gradu-