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in a coal mine with Miner's Nystagmus ; (3) a horn cutter

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unnecessary, though headraitted the case was anobscuic one, but thought

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** to persisting in kissing her littie child, then very ill with his throat

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Lord KiMBERLBY : According to my ordinary notions addi-

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retroflexion or retroversion, and then reposition relievts the

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The fifth edition," (London n.d.) we read on page 121 ;

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cal Officer ; doubly qualified. Salary, £60 per annum, with board,

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IN a recent report to the Southwark Local Authority, Dr. Waldo has

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mistake to use it daily and excite a chronic dermatitis. It

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morbid states is usually present, either the patient is suffer-

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unsatisfactory. A* striking instance of this was shown in the

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dusky mottled rash, which at the commencement disappeared on pres-

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to the Gyniccological Department of the Rochusspital, Buda-

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mending the whole class for army ambulance certificates: he also stated

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PaSitd ill KUmi:niarii Avatonnj onhj. — 'M. O. Alabone, Guv's Ho-pital ; A.

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Sasstd Chiefly to gratify those who wish to feel that they are not receiv-

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Lennon, E. E., M.R.C.P., L.M., L.R.C.S.I., appointed Medical Officer to

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Sir William MacCormac, F.R.C.S.Eng. andlrel., was chosen

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elapses. The two indications which guide me are the presence

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appears with e.\traordinary frequency in southern countries, especially

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the routes traversed by the children on their way to school,

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tomed usage in the present instance, and it is right that the

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opened up to him some entirely new questions. He could not

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tion of these remedies should no loijger t>e a secr^et. If people