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interest. Miss M, living in NeAV Jersey, visited Elkton for two days,
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and ineradicable hatred of medicines called by them
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and having divided with a knife the beringelle into three
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Dr. J. Whitridge Williams, of Baltimore, said that no one
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9. Miller TR, Bottles K. Abele JH, et al: Neuroblastoma diagnosed by fine
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beliefs, he (Dr. K.) would like to know if Dr. Ellzey
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as wiU be found on reference to the Argus's last summary.
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sidered the physical characteristics of the urine; its chemical
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The earliest, and perhaps most convincing, method of me-
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up to the time of admission into the hospital, is found to
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struction. In other cases where the bow may interfere with the com-
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and the left phrenic for two or three inches. The origin of
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We are told that during an entire evening the exhibitor
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a consequence of this accident from becoming general. Both of these
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Oncology Save the date of December 11, 1976 for a Regional Oncology Conference for medical
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Her pulse was 90, a little stronger, but irregular. Retch-
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tention to the condition of the hands. On both you find
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usual way and was then dehydrated and embedded in paraffin and sectioned.
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esiKJcially of the i>octoral(>s and deltoids. Muscles flaccid, not hard or con-
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others, and they vary infinitely as to the objects which have pro-
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due to the presence of oxyurides in the vermiform appendix, and this
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and believed that it went far to obviate depression and
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ourselves to the certain chance, as we felt, of being dismissed
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HILL CREST HOSPITAL — For Intensive Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
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an antiseptic solution for some time previous to the perform-
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portion was an extravasation, to which the author attributes
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of the advantages offered by the school, judging from
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tions of these bodies are still large, but their mucous mem-
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has been found efficient for cleaning up these sores
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shaped piece being absent from the anterior end. The straight
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Hospital, I never saw a cecostomy performed, and yet the
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Professor John Ferguson. The proceedings took the form of a
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chiefly employed in cases of chronic catarrh, and in com-
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