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tracted, the forearms extended pronated, the hands and fingers flexed.
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tory activity and function, caused by climbing the hills and
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in ten, often only one in a hundred, or even one in a thousand."
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active capillary circulation in the vicinity of its seat may result in subse-
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and, in addition, a quantity of the antibodies, and so does not improve the chance
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every pain in that region is looked upon indiscriminately as a sign of appendicitis.
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ance, are scarcely noticed, or left to the nurses. l?he circumstanoea
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than one per cent when I reach one hundred cases. The statement
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habitants. The State association will submit ten names
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sible that the involvement of arteries in the change has
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the cilife keep up an inflammation and opacity of the cornea by their con-
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most exquisite sensations. A beautiful poem or paint-
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The Examination in each part will be oral and practical as
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tary advantage. Further, dried fruits, vegetables or meats are rarely
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State Medical Society of Wisconsin, and American Medical
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one is justified iu hoping for a favorable termination
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Oct. 17. 191S. Loop of ileum 30 cm. in length isolated and an anastomosis
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DOSE. — The adult dose is one teaspoonful, repeated
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curvature of its root, cannot be successfully treated
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swelling over the tibia, varicose veins, and an old syphilitic lesion.
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sulting Ophthalmologist to St. Vincent's Home. 256 S.
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— Dr. Homaxs, remarking that he had reported the case of this patient at
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oases as great j^ in cholera — do not produce collaj>se V
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rapidly, destroying all the adjacent soft parts, and sometimes the
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fective urethritis; the latter autoinfective or autogenous, both
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use of the fixation-sutures is not generally necessary after
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too early a stage the death of the bacilli may be ob-
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5.160 grams. The increase in the weight of the flask was 0.161 gram.
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to condition (leiomyomas) exhibited a statistically sig-
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Wm. H., aged twenty-seven: On Sunday, May 29th, while
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then visited the various universities, or rather university
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livelihood, forfeits the respect of his fellows, and lands himself at last in
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fever all the cases that would indicate from the symptoms, such as