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removed from the upper end of the original scar. This had


Persistent tonic spasm, leading to rigidity of the limbs, is characteristic

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(Edema. The oedema in this form of Bright's disease usually begins

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a long time supi)c)sed that an anastomosis could l>e

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of the spleen, when the lesion was really a left hydronephrosis. These

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face, head, neck, and upper extremities ; more commonly however, it is

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lates, in the British Medical Journal of September 19,

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is waiting now. For further details, or interview request,

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largely given. In extreme cases an ounce, or even more, of spirit, given

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tionable or dangerous symptoms.'* If the Lembert suture were dis-

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the dischai-ge was of the colour of a dark brown sanguineous

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sible for the designing to trade upon the credulity of an igno-

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an afflictive scourge; every thought and every eneray of the medical

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together. Purulent disintegration of the actinomycomata gives

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The body was that of a well-nourished Chinese male about 35

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carbolic acid (2 per cent.), permanganate of potash (i in 4,000),

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ment of pulmonary phthisis is very great. A concise exposition of these

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the fundamental sounds directly from the exposed heart. It has

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the Board of Examiners one term, and President of the Society in 1896.

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assistance of Dr. Donald Baynes, and Mr. McDonald, (medical

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ing from touching a bed-sore, etc. The testicle reflex described by Kocher in spinal-

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met me, "with joy sparkling in her eyes," and informed me

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angina (classic effort-associated angina) in patients who cannot

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are incrusted only in the middle, and are quite free at

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teaspoonfuls every two hours until five or six doses are

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of ether anesthesia, and this critical operation will ever be

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It npi^eurs to be sottli^d titut the disease may be communicftted \ij itnt*-

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destruction of soft parts, or, in fact, any cases where it is difficult to apply an

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that the various addictions do impair the will or per-

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others, in that there is no net worth here. Total as-

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