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the body, are considerably impaired. In paralysis of the outward rotators —

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whole, more apt to have embolism than hemorrhage. At a later period of

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t'f Ju^^^f '^7- °^ ^V^ '"•^"^'^ Dispenser Containers. Our discussions of the insperMon

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be intact, it alone answers for the muscles on both sides. 1 In the distribution

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Students wbo bave passed tbeir Primary examinations in tbe depart-

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will be determined by a Board of Medioal Officers, who are to certify that his

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in detail. Changes in the shape of the vertebral column sometimes occur,

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roots of the ninth intercostal nerve (Dinkier). The cremaster reflex is a

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thesis written: The candidate is ''passed" when his thesis and examina-

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ican neurologists), and it was formerly the belief that the coarse material

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treatment of the primary disease. In case the disturbance of smell makes

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They are sold cousBercially in the form of ca^^iar*

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the nerve on the muscle is extremely improbable. In our opinion the atrophy

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fat tester. Two Instructors are required to provide close supervision and

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of elderly individuals with arteriosclerosis, it is possible that the arterioscle-

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growth, and have undergone coagulation necrosis (have become cheesy). In

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under one^ cover. The two training publications are confined when the WB

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pointments, special weight is given to dissertations indicating ability to conduct original

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obtain muscular contractions by striking the periosteum and the fasciae, which

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Frank Wesley Allin, A.M., M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics.

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occasionally, also, in the lumbar enlargement of the cord. It often develops

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£8 8s. each subject during the winter, £5 5s. for each subject during

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from pressure upon the veins, ascites, icterus, etc. With considerable enlarge-

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two or three weeks. Two died from general exhaustion and collapse, and the

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initial polyuria we may often observe that during intercurrent diseases, and

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to obviate the necessity for any treatment. A regular and temperate life will

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have thus far been observed in the domain of the bulbar nerves. Finally,

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optic atrophy, and that early gastric crises may simulate a gastric affection,

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disturbances are also rare, and generally occur only in the terminal stage of

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Fees, — ^For two courses on Dental Anatomy and Fbysiology, twa