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creased respiration rate and the more marked cyanosis will all point to

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then not only whether the individual in question is insane or

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cinchona cannot be procured, and they have the advantage of being less costly

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the local application of such irritants as steam or ammonia, as well as

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Lesions invading the Rolandic area are divisible into two great

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strangulated hernia, by bands of fibrous tissue, or by the twisting of

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rise to all the symptoms of sfiock from loss of blood.

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stitutes are so unpalatable and expensive, patients

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linguist, Daremberg— to be simply translations from the

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there was at least one other hormone that was not con-

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tion of the farms within his district. It is just here that the services

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Attacks of laryngismus stridulus are speedily broken up by timely

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the presence of its resinous principle (resina leptandrce) , which is en-

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Synonym. — Glauber's salts, sulfas sodicus (natricus),

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time of seizure. Dr. H. A. Ramsay, of Georgia, describes a

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suggestion, in which I heartily concurred, Dr. Turner Anderson, of this

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care for anything outside the dizzy whirl of their mono-

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patients. The patient should be encouraged to participate

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bone and maintaining the correct position by plaster-of-paris dressings.

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In regard to the question of quarantine, we take it

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points where the arterioles emerged from the deeper sub-cuta-

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other parts, in such cases. At first, however, feverish or inflam-

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face, " that the present moment is not favorable for a

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the internal and inferior portion of the eyeball; and, in one, the

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from 29 to 40 ounces in 24 hours, its specific gravity from 1008 to 1016 ;

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the breast tissue) and 4 cm or smaller in size, PM in-

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gTound vomit") and passage of small amounts of blood in the stools occur.

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Circumscribed pyopneumothorax with l)r()nchopulmonarv fistula,

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Serum broth cultures of each variety were incubated for 16 hours and seeded

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Treatment of Posterior Displacement of tbe Uterus. Augustin

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mitted to my care, which I reluctantly accepted, on condition

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42. Journal des Connaissances Medicales pratiques et de Pharmacologic.

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great danger which belongs to every case of acute inflammation