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11)03. His right eye had gradually become prominent in the preceding

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district of St. George, Hanover-equare, wliich were sent to the

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of the epidemic in the ' Buffalo Medical Journal,' of which

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of the work. Thus, Bauer called attention to the hypertrophy of the

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The following case appears to present features of interest

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ately thrown off when exposed to the air, so that it

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by the use of sea w^ater. But as it has been ascer-

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unceasing agitation. The intellectual faculties, freed from the

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Dr Perfoon (fee Tei-dam. l)ifpofitionis Method. Fungor. Lip-. 1797),

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subjected to the ordinary course of treatment in such cases, locally and gene-

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population of Providence, in P.)00. born of Irish mothers. It was found

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give way in the chest. The patient saw Dr. W. M. Ord the next

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that the members will receive a royal Western welcome. Let

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all the coloring substances which in the experiments re-

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but has made no special effort to develop his muscles, and

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cells. In urethral hemorrhage, blood comes independently of mic-

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as follows: 1, loss of vitreous in thirteen cases; 2, haem-

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There are other reasons why it is not advisable to adhere too closely

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the Board. 'J bey are, however, unable to appoint a time for the

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of syphilitic atheroma is still to be found. The as-

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fusion of coffee is of great service in counteracting Aconite,