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concludes by requesting that an investigation be had into
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the United States, so as to be available for statistical analysis, has been
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Treatment. — The treatment of the milder forms of enteritis is so inti-
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the centre of an oedematous swelling which may invade the entire arm^
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kers, rusk, toast; natural Seltzer and Vichy waters,
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Mr. Stokes; Mr. Gant ; An Out SufiSi bibsb ; Mr Havii.and; Is Vijjo
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It was evidently of great practical moment in the therapeutic
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pathological conditions. Sometimes they disappear completely
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upon a subject which he himself had long advocated — a general
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tiemities are also sometimes affected with numbness,
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and a half. The patient slept three hours and on waking was
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10. The prognosis becomes unfavorable whenever scrofulous affec-
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The name pneumonia is commonly applied to the two forms of dis-
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the dura is exposed and ready for immediate opening in case
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appeared to have overlooked a fact of essential importance —
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united to the conjunctiva in or over the superior rectus,
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latter was bent at a right angle to the arm, the wrist being
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food " is not a fact, that it contains no element to nourish or
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the operating forces should determine the dates on which
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even when the physician hears the hack himself. By imitating the sound and
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castor-oil or neutral salts ; and chafing the hands
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I found on the left side supeiiorly short and indistinct respira-
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Berlin Medical Society. That discussion, which, appar-
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Of these the methylene-blue test is the best known. An intramuscular
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with the commission, the AMA said its policy book on
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husband. The diagnosis seemed to rest between a malig-
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stages of the alterations produced by the intestinal juices, and which
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700 ships, several of which had| cholera on board, were subjected to quarantine
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in most attacks of acute disease. In some cases I have remarked a i)eculiar
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century Archbishop Verdun visited Salernum for rehef
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hands and knees before the fire; whether the warmth of that was
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visibly saturated with urine, animal and human. Among the lower
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dyspncea and cough were more distressing, and the systolic murmur was,
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Dr. Robertson — I don't know what you are voting on.
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were 8,653 births and 10,700 deaths reported. Consumption
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results obtained by previous experimenters, and without the object
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the major operation of ovariotomy, even though many years have elapsed since
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the fundus ; from one to two pints of water are injected, and