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perature of air or water ; and sp. h. = specific heat.

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persistent shock, and he was in this condition when first

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another poison in addition to gas, e.g., bichlorid of mercury or

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behind the cervix and firmly fixed to it. Tiie abnornial mass was apparently

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what to do ; no quick or distinct sequential choice, founded upon ex-

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of the reaction to epinephrin, and an exaggerated response to nicotin.

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pected provinces, at the difibrent seaports where disease might be propagated

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requires society to use its resources to provide maximum care

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ing recovery. In the first sixteen cases they followed the method

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bid his submitting to the inconvenience entailed by the use of the drug.

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contraction and for the removal of which oxygen is absolutely essential

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hypertension drug lisinopril cause hair loss

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tion into the cavity of a very weak solution of hydrochloric acid

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liver oil, both internally and externally, constitutes the best treatment.

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Read in the Section on Medicine, Materia Medica and Thera-

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The secretary of the civil service board recognizes that the

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celled infiltration between the lobules. The kidney is congested,