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as is indicated in ‘Red Medicine.’ That, of course,
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barium meal. (C) X-ray of stomach ten minutes after barium meal and 50 mg. ,JB 305.
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ence was held at the invitation of the National Foun-
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An event of the evening was the election to Honorary
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When prescribing Pituitary Preparations, Elixir of Enzymes, Corpus Luteum,
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caustic sufficiently thick for the object in view, its surface is
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ing the existing “line” offices of first vice-president
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Occupational therapy and recreational activities. Doctors may direct the
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prove an aneurism of the carotid, I should tie the common trunk below
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until by additions it excited a violent effort to swallow, but it was no go —
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for medicine to come forth and defend its position —
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10. How many hours a day do you work?.. How many days a week?
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Columbia UniversiD’-’s School of Public Health,
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nate the peritoneal cavity. I believe this is one of the
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United States. An incorporated educational foundation,
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tainly, everyone I know of wants these hospitals to be of as much value to the coun-
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in ten on the seventh, in two on the eighth, in one on the ninth, and in
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The committee felt a strong position should be taken
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..A. L. Adams, Jacksonville Friedrich Engelback, Jacksonville.