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calls. Even though these decisions may be justified

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Hopkins Hospital on December 13, 1907. (Medical No. 21,966.)

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ernor to cooperate with the Division of Health in prep-

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actual inoculation, and its persistence among dogs and its frequent

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Please send in promptly notice of change of address,

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No carcasses having putrefactive changes of any kind or giving oft offensive or unnatural

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C^rging clinicians and roentgenologists to be on the alert

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upper minor calyx on that side (fig. 2). Surgical pro-

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that out of eighteen chronic cases of paralysis due to

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hochschule ausgeftihrten tuberkulose-arbeiten. Berl. thierftrztl. woch.,

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clent reason for condemning a carcass, the inspector in charge at Chicago, at the request

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1265), that cattle shall be moved from the area herein quarantined to any point not

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to hospital admission. Medical studies at other hospitals

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more people wear Hanger Artificial Limbs than those

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native Danish breed in order to supply farmers and breeding socie-

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clinic, four women discussing their aches and pains,

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In case the inspection has not revealed any disease, the carcass is trimmed of the

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Agr., Bureau of Ahimal Industry, 12th and 13th ann. rept, 1895-1896,

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tion of the English name; for example, '* Loin Roll" or " Lachschinken.**

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Miiller). This case would never have been recognized except for its

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Smith, Kline & French Laboratories, Fifth and Arch Streets, Phila-

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acinar or interlobular type may be present in cases in which there is