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volumes, one for the blue eyed, the other for the brown-
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the extent of this will be determined by the degree of irritation;
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ains G to 7 per cent, while cow's milk has usually 4.5 per cent. The
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the need of stimulants is like waiting to see the symptoms
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rest in bed is to be maintained throughout the illness.
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findings are distinctive. Diphtheria with minor throat symptoms is
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chronic rheumatoid arthritis have given uniform results only, in so far that
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have to assume in acrobatic flying. This also gives exceptional
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noted in children who were largely "mouth breathers," owing to enlargement of
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a slight degree; as, dryness of the throat, slight uneasiness or giddi-
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may not be due to functional disorder arising from ana3mia, deranged diges-
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uvulitis, etc. Nine-tenths of all deafness coming suddenly well; on the discharge
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Under the skin comes the large undivided body cavity, which is not
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the changes which it undergoes in disease have been recognized as of
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Or one may count a large number of the cells in one's head and put
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Fehling's solution.) During the following twenty-four hours 610 c.c. of urine
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Ellerton, Johu, M.tJ. St. Andrew's, Waketield, Yorkshire
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Coincidentally the autopsy report follows the ancient head-to-feet
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lobe after separation of the two lobes of the gland — is not associated
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Dr. Rotch's work, and of the necessity of educating the laity
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swallow, hoarseness, difficulty of articulation, cough
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filled up with black grains from below towards the apex ; often an
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the blood runs out along the line of the slide end, slide it at an angle of 45^ to the
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ance as those removed in the first instance. Microscopic exam-
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first measure in the treatment, to overcome the spinal conges-
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conducted exclusively by his teachers in that subject
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tendon of the biceps was divided, after which the patient
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really stiff, though he carries his head on one side, and keeps it quite still ; no
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merely tosses her arms ; is uncertain in temper ; is unable to feed
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combining physiology, pathology and hygiene, and written popularly in the