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to disprove Homoeopathy. I will only say that the founder of Homoeopathy

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pneumococcus is often found, and in a goodly number of cases the

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mental worriment, particularly if dependent upon love-affairs, and sexual

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so slight as to be discoverable only microscopically. It recurs at irreg-

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to traumatism or disease of the vertebrae (caries, malignant disease).

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Less characteristic, though still of diagnostic worth, are certain

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and deep-seated. Here the symptoms and physical signs are indefinite.

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hidden forms of carcinoma of the stomach. The mesenteric and retro-

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blood without giving rise to pressure-symptoms. Caries of the vertebroe

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by leading German and American surgeons." — Biriningham (Eng.) Medical Review.

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From hysteria it is diflFerentiated by the absence of stigmata and the care

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and some of the ova of the parasites, may also be found in the urine.

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habitual ingestion are directly to produce degeneration of nearly all of

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Diagnosis. — The history, the absence of any local causes, together

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tary speech, nor can the person repeat words after any one or read

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vitality. For this purpose either whiskey or brandy, in half- or one-

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all been highly recommended as remedies in tuberculosis by certain clin-

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likely to be mistaken for carcinoma of the liver may be mentioned —

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Secondary anemia of mild grade supervenes, and there may be a leuko-

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2. Disease of the walls of the veins, as in syphilitic phlebitis.

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from a localized epidemic which are apt to present certain char-

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be, as far as possible, carefully differentiated from each other, and

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all, however, little is to be gained from therapeutic measures, and it is

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interspace along the left sternal border ; situated in the transverse section

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inspection and palpation are of especial diagnostic importance, as is also

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as headache, hebetude, mild delirium, flushed countenance, a full rapid

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of from 5 to 15 grains (0.3—1.0 gm.) daily and rapidly increased. This

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continues until death, with more or less frequent remissions and exacer-

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(1) Acute Glanders. — At first the signs of inflammation develop at the

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