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of dysentery in a village higher up the river, and the water had been soiled
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Urea. — Purdy in 1901, "The examination of the urine can
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extraordinarily slight; thus, ^ per cent, carbolic acid kills them in ten
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ticular forms of disease giving rise to aortic direct murmurs
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Sudden death generally occurs during the stage of gray hepatization, and
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Jiirgensen, in Vienna from 1858-70, among 1,842 cases of pregnancy found
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In others the eyes are bright, staring, and may have an intense, anxious
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can be demonstrated by physical signs. In 127 autopsies in pneumonia,
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of them, however, are immediately transformed into their final products, the
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therefore "high colored," increased in specific gravity, and often irritating.
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for the pupil nearer the source of illumination to be smaller than the other,