Cute Cake Decor

January 31, 2012  

So, whilst browsing at baked goods on Pinterest { seriously, for no other reason than I wanted to look at cake!} I decided to show off some of the very cute cate decor I spotted. Very attainable styles that can easily be diy projects – enjoy!

Oh and for anyone who’d like to explore the idea of kooky and very unique wedding toppers – check out my friend Katy’s site What Katy Did Next - brimming with pretty and you can see the super sweet cake topper she made us here!

Credits: 100 Layer Cake & Wedding Chicks via Pinterest

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx


4 Responses to “Cute Cake Decor”
  1. my honest answer says:

    Easy DIY projects? You’ve been eating too much cake frosting ha ha!

  2. Katy says:

    Thanks for the mention Sarah – does looking at cake feel as good as eating it? Aleast you can go with the eating for two excuse ;)

  3. admin says:

    Haha ok, so I meant the decor on top i.e. a teacup of flowers, rather than the cakes themselves…goodness knows I don’t think baking is easy – my nephew once threw my cupcake attempt back at me!!

    Katy, you’re v.welcome lovely…and no – looking ain’t half as good!


  4. Katy says:

    We used the teacup cake topper idea for our most recent shoot – looked loverly!

    I read your comment as your nephew threw up your cupcake attempt! So it could have been worse haha.


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