Confetti Love

June 20, 2012  

There are a fair few things I forgot at our wedding – the cheesecakes which were left in the venues tea rooms fridge and¬†the eclectic mix of votive’s I’d been hoarding for many months…but the detail which I mourn the most is the technicolour confetti I’d planned to place in a basket by our order of service chalkboard. Ok, so it rained the whole time and we’d have probably looked a little¬†skanky covered in soggy bits of colourful paper, but I still regret not having the pretty confetti *sigh*

Credits: Style Me Pretty; Snippet and Ink; Snippet and Ink; Linda Truong; Once Wed

So, what do ya reckon to confetti…yay or nay?

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx


5 Responses to “Confetti Love”
  1. Hannah Webster says:

    I do love me some confetti. Floating colourful stuff, glitter or petals. Not the dried flower stuff though. It’s too coarse and feels nasty when it hits you! x

  2. my honest answer says:

    I love some confetti! We did have the dried petals (rules at our Church), but honestly, it wasn’t scratchy. And I know that for fact, because that night I found a load in my bra!

    Don’t beat yoruself up about what you didn’t do Sarah, you can never get all the photos, all of the time.

  3. Gabi says:

    I love confetti! I can’t wait to get the classic wedding shots with it, although our venue only allows it indoors and only white so the beautiful colourful shots above is a pipe dream for me too.
    However Sarah, grab a camera and a box of confetti and do it this weekend – who says it has to be on the wedding day? The beautiful colourful confetti shots can be done anytime! x

  4. admin says:

    So glad you’re all feeling the confetti love! And thanks – I completely agree, guess there are some things you should just “let go”…though Gaby, I think your idea is fabulous & lots of love for your big {and I’m sure beautiful} day! xxx

  5. Sarah - The Wedding Invitation Boutique says:

    Yes, definitely, confetti is a MUST! Although i do prefer the flower petals, especially larkspur petals. :)

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