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Boho Bridal Headpieces

There’s something about the cold weather that brings out the magpie in me. I find that as soon as we hit a cold spell my fashion head turns to all things sparkly and bejeweled…in particular accessories. The boho bridal headpiece has really found its feet of late and I wonder if this is because Brides tend not to feel duty bound to conform any more, instead standing their fashion ground and opting for wedding accessories that are bold, edgy and iconic – oh yes I’m talking statement! Bejeweled boho fabulousness…


boho headpieces


With incredible sites like Pinterest and Etsy the wedding world is a much smaller place and we’ve so many talented vendors at our fingertips. Executing boho bride style to sheer perfection here’s just a few designers who have completely nailed the look…

Gibson Bespoke

gibson bespoke I discovered Gibson Bespoke through their Etsy shop Willow Moone and I am now completely hooked – designer Debbie Bailie-Collins creations are jaw-droppingly beautiful and her styling of them is oh-so-cool. Seriously, I am dreaming up ways of buying the entire collection and creating scenarios where it’s ok for me to wear a crystal headpiece to the office…

Jannie Baltzer

jannie baltzer Danish designer Jannie Baltzer’s designs are intricately detailed. Inspired by her love of French Bohemianism her collection is elegant yet daring and the perfect choice for the fashion-forward bride. I can’t get enough of her trailing floral designs that are so reminiscent of Mother Nature’s own offerings; using French lace, Preciosa pearls and honey-gold crystals they are true heirloom pieces.

Shut The Front Door

shut the front door

Daring and full of sass, Shut The Front Door embodies Australian designer Heidi Lucinda Holmes love of whimsy “juxtaposed against an urban industrial element to add greater depth”. Delicate yet masculine, this eclectic style of design runs through the very core of her collection, which to me is boho bride personified…a melting pot of loveliness – with a bit of welly!

Doing the research for today’s post has to be one of my most enjoyable to date…there are so many incredible accessory designers out there it took hours for me to choose which three I’d feature – total wedding porn!…I guess that means there will be more of these features to come!

Have any of the above inspired you to try a more daring bridal style? And if you’ve discovered a designer who in your eyes has created the perfect boho bridal headpiece yet, please share their details below!

Love Sarah xx

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