A Whole Yurt Of Love – Wedding Yurts

January 17, 2011  

When we first started planning our wedding, one of the ideas we explored was hiring a wedding Yurt and although we’ve now opted for a barn reception – I’ve still got a huge style crush on these stunning bohemian  structures!

Elaborately decorated reception venues for both grand and intimate weddings, you can now even hire a ‘wedding night yurt’ for those who want to stay at their wedding venue till the wee hours of dawn! So here’s some swoon-worthy Yurt inspiration…

Credits: top-bottom – image 1-3 Hooe’s Yurts, 4-6 Simply Yurts

Offering style and substance, here’s some leading hire companies of Wedding Yurts and all are UK based…


Hooe’s Yurts

Simply Yurts


5 Responses to “A Whole Yurt Of Love – Wedding Yurts”
  1. Albert Palmer says:

    Very cool! Really like this idea.

  2. amy f says:

    Oh I love this so much!

  3. admin says:

    Thanks! The bottom pic is my fav – love how colourful the wedding is!

  4. Zoe says:

    These yurts are fabulous and make such a different setting for a celebration.

  5. Nathan Millard says:

    We are setting up our largest Wedding yurt next week near Stirling in Perthshire. If anyone wants to come and have a look you are very welcome indeed. It will be fully decorated for a Wedding and we will be making a DVD from the event. Just hoping that the weather doesn’t scupper our grand designs.

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