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reduction. 3. As much depends on the situation and direction,
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The Belgian anatomist Tesalius "n'as a grand tradition to the
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It is also used in syphilitic and mercurial cachexia, cuta-
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Gradually the whole area down to the laryngeal space
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will afterward see, is a condition which cannot possibly
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publish annually in their reports a series of excellent papers by
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cases in which we would wish to try hypnotic suggestion
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wide-mouthed Eustachian canals toward the middle ear
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residents and one component society for medical students.
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In rats, long-term therapy with sulfonamides has pro-
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as ropy milk, and finally we must include under this head those
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> American Jounial of Pharmacy, i860, \-ol. xxxii., p. 450.
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and at intervals of 2, 3, or 4 hours if necessary. Purge
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Rest is a relative term. At the outset the importance of absolute rest
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All such cures, wrote this author, are to be ascribed to
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the skin of the animal yet unaccustomed to such incum-
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The cowpea-fed lot ate 6.7 pounds of cowpeas per head daily and
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transmission of acquired modifications, and although muti-
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the neck, somewhat resembling erythema, is present this after-
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quick hme, benzine, oil of turpentine or hellebore. These last must
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shoes, until the ulcerated surfaces should have an op-
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produce dilatation of the heart cavities, which b followed by anatomic
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nerf sciatique. Compt. rend. Soc. de biol., Par., 1887, 8. s.,
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Steven, the Inspector of Vaccination, who suggested
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— ifs here; and medicine is having its 'part in it. Undoubtedly there will he great
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of the body, than to prop it up for a time under the feeble pre-
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foods which are deficient in some essential element. It is
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Much further work is necessary before any accitrate conclusions can
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life that perilous and inestimable something, which
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Some have laid stress on replacing trephine buttons,
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somewhat bent in the direction of the flexor muscles, and the epiphyses
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The Censors of the Eastern District, made a similar report.
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distress, unless pressure be applied, and, like peritonitis also, it suffers