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ureter determines usually atrophy of the corresponding
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4ion runs higher than usual, the characteristic pain is less urgent
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tical importance to physicians, and in re])ly received
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provided always that it be given room thr^ottgh which to
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nal months. Thirteen fatal cases of dysentery, fifteen of diarrhoea,
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below, i. e., dorsal to the palmaris profundus I, to which it sends fibers.
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iii, 192-204. — ITIays (K.) Ueber den Eisengehalt des Fu-
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1890. Davis, Henry, M.B.C.S., 60, Queen Anne-street, W.
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between 110 and 140 degrees. It is a smaller angle in women and
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found. It was apparently irreducible with ordinary manipulations :
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pathic medical work of any kind, — no, not a book bearing any rela-
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•charged at one vomiting often exceeds one quart, so that it seems scarcely
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had in mind only human, fallible authorities and saw that his words included
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of clerical work. The amount of correspondence arising in connec-
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purulent and rarely necrotic. The most common seat ("80 per cent.") is in
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pKony ; " sometimes a tolerablj distinct aiticnkte soimd is heaid, whidi
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the paroxysm more frequently and more severely. It is won-
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mains, that the limb will at some remote period again enjoy perfect
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J Yierteljahrsschrift fur gerichtliche Medicin, 187G, page 1.
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tions of medicine and the capacity of endurance in the human frame.
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chloral, antipyrin, and turpentine; (i) snake-poisons produce rapid and ex-
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Islands he employed ipecac, and saw it used extensively, but concluded
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Case VI 1., transfusion proved to be life-saving. In the remaining
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been confined to the iris (or to the iris and cornea);
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ness) denotes loss of speech, the vocal organs remaining intnet, ami
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INDICATIONS: Useful in the management of depression, both acute
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that iodoform gauze iu the manner he describes, but
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portions of Yorkshire. While the totals observed in that rural area were
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scarcely likely that so large a deposit could be due to
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etc. It would be very difficult, therefore, to make
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If the haemorrhage is situated in the cortex, it is very often
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With or without extravasation from mucous surfaces, the pathological con-
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alone which goes with fear, or sea-sickness, or cold, and
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Trauma Grand Rounds - 12:00 PM; Meeting Room A, Sioux Valley Hospital; Tom Berg - 333-7388.
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