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With a view of removing congestion of the vessels of the meduUa-spinalis, Mr. Swann,

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excellence in anatomical work, and no one can succeed in Paris unless

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1. Define the responsibilities of the medical profession in

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tetanic convulsions and coma, the pia-mater being chielly involved. Not until 1830, wasuij

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botanical excursions, or in quest of other fields of natural science, he

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finally, a detailed description of the operative method

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the outcome of the suggestion made some years ago to treat

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tion), so also in inflammation of the lining membrane, red ves-

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of your Majesty's ships, be subject, as here- 1 sioners of the Admiralty are to give the

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after. Another thing, we all want to have the principles of

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52,000 specimens have been studied, with over 9,000

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disease, has not had other exposure. In other words, we can not be

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This position of the heart is, I think, a very important