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enters into a number of individual diseases is called fever. In this sense of

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liver was unusually small, " of a brightish yellow colour with

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" an extensive parieto-colic peritonea^ fold constricting the lumen

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so strongly have these remedies been recommended, that it

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posterior part of the socket. He refused to undergo the anesthetic for

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he associated with certain diseases of the nose and pharynx. The chief

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dislocation it moves as one piece. In fracture near the ends of

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years ago she became infected from her husband, since which time she

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to take efl'ect as soon after July 1, as the U. S. General Hospital

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same person was by no means always proportional to the

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bronchial muscles embarrasses the evacuation of the bronchi Stimu-

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other soft pot herbs, are excellent laxatives. If the above

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620 MISSOURI MEDICINE/September 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 9

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of friction, medicines diffused in grease or oil enter only in minute

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undeniably established by experiments with medicated vapour-baths.

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to for the cure of this malady by others. I will confine myself

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not have been detected had it not been for the routine exam-

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getical will be the influence of tannigen upon the latter. The cases of

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sion of the eyes, and in the listless manner that betokens the characteristic phy-

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c li-n v-.,-cs dW of ^p^li.ll iiuei\--t. fur In-fure upciMtinii thcv a'

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from them ; and there are symptoms which, though they may

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and extends back through the nerve-trunk, chiasm, and

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risprudence, I have endeavoured to do him and have done him ample justice.

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piration 24. During the day the patient passed his feces involuntarily,

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to be taken that will aid very largely in reducing the high

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the chances are so even when the common circumstances of life

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In any case the temperature should be taken at least twice a day,

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12. That mercury is a most valuable agent in the treatment of

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Listerine "Dermatic" Soap contains no animal fats, and

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