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York City Training School for Nurses, on Blackwell's Island,

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and ample space being devoted to the practical applications in full detail. A work for every

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The affection known as " Hay Asthma," or " Hay Fever," first de-

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thus pointing to the inference that the nervous centers controlling per"

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denial of this absolute law of physiology exists in any

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is roughened by exudation, and confined to the infarction. Some-

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and when the connective-tissue cells have the upper hand we have

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ulcerated ; and in animals of the bovine species the glands of

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features. There is a sharply raised, well-defined, slightly elevated

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With these names you need not trouble yourselves ; all that it is impor-

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in the spongy placental substance termed " infarcts." Under conditions of

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the microscope in their earlier stages, that not a few notable medical

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covered with a heavy blanket will answer very well. A sufficient

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correspond with most of the reported cases. It is also of interest

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be expected in an animal which is so subject to parasitic infection.

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produce gummata and, with these, various degrees of mental weakness ; or

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of the American Practitioner and News, Louisville, Ky.

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steadied by an attendant with the assistance of a " twitch "

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