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same symptoms as does chlorin gas. 2. Bromism, resulting from the long-
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The degree of M,D, is conferred on Bachelors of Medicine*of two
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of the imbeciles are short-lived, succumbing before thirty to some intercurrent
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bing"). For the epileptic attacks large doses of bromid of potassium are
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the Training Stln^rd, support aateiials, ai^ Instructional guidance. It i^s
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According to the recent careful investigations of J. Wickmann, Lovegren,
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Week 3. Day 11; htein of pepforfwnce are devoted to performing a con^lete
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sabjects, in addition to the subjects mentioned above : Greek, French,
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orominent chalazae with foreign bodies ("AA," "A," and "B" quality).
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appointment, as licensed to practice medicine or surgery in Qreat Britain or
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meet the requirements of the Examiners ; the fairly working student
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fusional insanity sometimes called acute paranoia. In this the hallucinations
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Medical Council, can legally recover ft)r advice or attendance except
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Quelfty *tcriorat4e«t. tUUte these to ttie taste prlncfpUs of food pre-
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nant and puerperal women, with a profuse secretion and an insufficient dis-
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Surgeon. — Under 5 years' service (except during the session at Netley) 11
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ferences. Autumn and Spring, Tu., F., 9:00-10:00. 24 hours. .4Mj. Irons, Gray.
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tremities of one side, and the arm is almost always worse than the leg. The
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fish with butter, meat with greens or salad; for supper, tea, eggs, cold meat,
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to perpetual pupils, ^656 17s. 6d. ; London, ^650 8s. ; and Edinburgh, J647 58. ;
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chemical reactions. Seven Important enzymes found in milk are: phosphatase^ lipase^
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increased tendon reflexes and all the motor disturbances dependent thereon.
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yea/rs : (1) Treasfwrer's Gold Medal in Medicine, Subjects : Commentary
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twelve weeks each. The Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters begin about the first
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Comparative Anatomy — One course, 2^ guineas ; unlimited, 4 guineas.
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HiaHaATB Small-poz and Yacgikation HosPiTAL.-*Medical
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veni.erature >s nov more than 50= F. a.^i tnen.it is transferred from the truck to rsw
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velopment and are therefore coordinate with each other. Hydromyelus
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Hospital appointments, viz., clinical clerks, dressers, dentist's assistant,,
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all paranoiacs, and a tendency to feel themselves unappreciated, if not actually
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ally refer them. The idea of a dreaded organic disease actually provokes the
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subjects are : — ^A. English. B. Languages, i,e,, either Latin or Greek,
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We cannot enter into a more detailed description here of this condition, which
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swooth texture. If the ^nassf. Is crum(;ly, fal if^apart while it is being worked. Is
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Clark Joseph McCooey, D.D.S., Assistant in Dental Surgery.
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during four years, studied medicine at the Umversity, and at least devoted t#o
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^ ?&!!!!^*"L^* ^ ^ *»H it by tte scru?f of ml g«rt!y
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new growths are usually formed insidiousl} r and gradually, without ascertain-