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A more extended study of the relation of ataxy to disorga-

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fracture close to the torcular Herophili, after removing a disc

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aortic valves were indurated, retracted, and eroded. The

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not deter us from taking account of all causes which may havo contiib-

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heart primarily, or may be due to an extension of tb

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and married Elizabeth Vade, of Barton, by whom he had five daughters

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etc. The urine contains serin, globulin, peptones, red corpuscles, white

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cretion of Uric Acid in Man, Amcr. Jour, of Physiol., 1904, xii, 13.

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in 1896, mention was made of the fact that under chapter

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tled by finding a center in the hippocampus and its adja-

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necessary materials are within the reach of every stu-

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in a tumbler slowly every few minutes after food seems to aid, digestion,

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the bladder, etc. ; 4, Neuralgias (prosopalgia, sciatica, spinal

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length and two in breadth, 'd'horc was no other organic alteration of any

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not tender on pressure except for a slight sensation of pain which

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pain and spasm of strangury. But the immediate effect of

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cea.scd, but on the following morning the flow recurred

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large number of gastric affections, but in the large

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the different theories which have been advanced to explain its diffusion ; and

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of understanding what is said to him, and, on the other, will have no check on

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Starved for five days (23 : vii to 28 : vii), then put on rat

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and the organism is constantly changing from side to side, at

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lating tbot-l)atlis suffice. Venesection or toj)ical bleeding is rarely indicated.

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average age for the development of the spindle-celled