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Traube also is inclined, as proved ; but I think that it agrees with the
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and, to some extent, the spleen-affection also, probably depend on the
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over which goes the day vest. When the eruption has completely disappeared,
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ANATOMICAL APPEARANCES. In traumatic nephritis, or in ne-
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circumspection. She suffers more or less constantly from con
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difficulty. His London experiences, however, except with the
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is not especially changed. The cortical substance of the kidneys
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which have been taken into the system, and excreted with the urine.
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an increased haemopoietic activity of the bone-marrow, that is
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parts supplied by the nerves going off below, opisthotonos, rigid con-
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" erosion," for there is no loss of tissue, as would be implied
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lium of the cortical substance, the straight tubules of the medullary
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Partial anaemia of tne brain, due to collateral oedema in the vicinity
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cause of the tardy and imperfect results of treatment in rachitis. If
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X. Pemphigus Pompholyx Superficial Dermatitis, with Formation of
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shoulders are raised and sunken. The upper extremities are flourished
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popularly "the v/hites." Pain in the back in the form of
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urine ; hence it cannot be denied that the. pathological presence of
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lice. The cervical glands often become enlarged in moist eczema of
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of the rectum or bladder, or incomplete erections and pollutions.
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In previous editions of my text-book I have stated that this pro
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of the vaccine is no easy matter ; the results are, however,
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improves the defective state of the blood. The existing red-blood
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emphasises the value of the blood count in determining the
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ascribed to this perspiration by some, who compare it to the smell of
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can most readily be secured by sending the patient away from
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exercising the patient to " oppose the impulse of the will to the reflex
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Opinions differ as to the length of its period of incubation. The
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said to be occasionally affected, while the bladder and rectum hardly
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licle is obstructed by a plug of black, hardened sebaceous matter,